10 days in Vietnam!

- by Akanksha Ahuja

24 Aug 2020

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A Bliss You Don’t Want To Miss: 10 Days Complete Vietnam Travel Guide

Independence – Liberty – Happiness, it's Vietnam! This elongated paradise is just a flight away.

Officially, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, this Southeast Asian delight, will make you go awe with its back-dating historical insights, wowing culture, and extraordinary views. Additionally, Vietnam being an affordable trip abroad gives you all the reasons to pack your bags and go la-la-land in this country.

Vietnam has almost everything to get us all excited for a real-time visit. Though, we understand that it could be challenging to decide amongst various places to visit in Vietnam, but don't you worry - we’re happy to help!

This 10-day Vietnam Travel Guide will let you curate the best plan to drool around Vietnam!

[Recommended Days: 2]

Ho Chi Minh City promises life complementary with low-priced beers and motorbikes.

This city is full! Full of nightlife, sleepless backpackers on Bui Vien street, great coffee shops, rooftop bars, and a variety of Vietnamese food with woozy energy all around. The history attached to Ho Chi Minh is enough for one to time travel and immerse in the cultural beauty of this place.

While in Ho Chi Minh, visit the Independence Palace and explore its architecture influenced by the French. Enjoy a quick scroll to Notre- Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon with Statue of Mary standing to the east.

Being one of the prominent business hubs & places to visit in Vietnam, the city offers a myriad of shopping centers, including Binh Tay Market and more. Other attractions to explore in Ho Chi Minh are Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office, Reunification Palace, Bitexco Tower & Sky Deck, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Cao Dai Temple, etc.

Also, explore Cu Chi tunnels, a part of the extensive network of connecting tunnels.

[Recommended Days: 1]

From Ho Chi Minh, fly to Da Nang City. Hoi An is a 30 minute drive from Da Nang. The old-time vibes will get your attention as it’s a culturally driven place. The beaches in this city will outshine most of the sites. Adding to this, the list of things to do in Vietnam includes much of the happening activities in Hoi An.

You can learn to cook traditional Vietnamese food as there are numerous cooking schools here. While weaving is an essential part of this place, Hoi An also has artisans that can help you learn the techniques in the silk village.

Japanese Covered Bridge is a notable allure of this ancient city. Colors and different shapes of the lantern will glorify your visit and make your journey even unique when you come across the lantern market. Explore the colonial period charm at Hoi An Museum.

For all the foodies exploring Hoi An, you can find a variety of delicious noodles, and savor local barbecue.

The beauty of Hinduism can be witnessed in almost all parts of the world, even in Vietnam! Yes, My Son Ruins has a collection of Hindu Temples and is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

[Recommended Days: 1]

The majestic Golden Bridge, Dreamy Castles are no lies when it comes to Bana Hills with French wine cellar being cherry on the top. You will be spellbound to see the beauty of this hill station and resort!

Emerge yourself into adventures, by discovering pipe mountain coaster, the drop tower, 4D death experience, cable cars, alpine coaster and the list doesn't end here. As much as you explore, it only gets better with giving you a lifetime of experience.

The games, wax museum and food of world-class restaurant await you in Bana!

[Recommended Days: 1]

The train journey from Da Nang to Hue will take around 2 to 3 hours. A stunning destination, Hue still resonates imperial Vietnam with a part of it located on the picturesque Perfume River.

This place has a long list of heritage sites adding to its charm. Starting from Tombs of Ancient Emperors, Tu Hieu Pagoda, Huyen Tran Princess Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda to Hon Chen Temple, Hue will give you an opportunity for endless exploration.

When in Hue, which is one of the best tourist places to visit in Vietnam, explore Phu Bai Airport, which is now a museum dedicated to the lives of Vietnamese War history. Also, visit the Imperial Citadel and other places of interest. Walk to Elephant Spring, head out for Huda Beer tour, enjoy sunbathing on Thuan An Beach and soak in the Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs.

[Recommended Days: 2]

The Capital! Hanoi is one of the most vibrant cities in Vietnam. With again a lot of scooters and horns blaring, Hanoi is a complete package with history-centered tourist attractions and breathtaking retro beauty with a blend of modernized developments in the Vietnam travel guide.

The old-time look of this city makes you time-travel to the era of French colonial rule and will leave you in state-of-awe. Direct your way to the streets, and you’ll unravel lost Vietnam in Hanoi. From lakes, boulevards, gardens, historical insights to more than 600 pagodas and temples across the city, Hanoi, definitely has it all.

When in Hanoi, explore Old Quarter, Women Museum, Hoa Lo Prison, Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology, Temple of Literature, West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, and more. Wander around Hoan Kiem Lake and engage in the coffee culture to experience one of the coolest caffeine rushes.

[Recommended Days: 3]

With a long list of things to do in Vietnam, visiting Ha Long Bay tops it all. The scattered yet ethereal beauty of Ha Long Bay is also one of the prominent tourist hubs in Northern Vietnam. The turquoise water crowns this place with panoramic views. Some people also call it three colored water, with over 1,600 limestone islands and islets.

While mapping your way to Ha Long Bay, don’t forget to visit Hang Sung Cave at Bon Hon Island or Cat Ba Island which is the biggest Island amongst these. Enjoy local delicacies and dine seafood barbecue, starting from prawns, crabs, lobsters, to squid.

If you like adventure, consider kayaking around Karst Formations, hiking around Ban Sen Island, and Cat Ba National Park. Try cliff walking at Cat Co 3, go for a cycling tour, snorkel, and dive into the water. Or, you can simply relax on a boat just like a typical Vietnam travel guide suggests.

While in Halong, tourists usually opt for alluring cruise tours inclusive of adventure activities as well as fantastic sightseeing and other amenities.

Not just this, if you’re open to exploring more with a little more time and money on hand, do visit Mekong Delta, Sapa, and Nha Trang too.

We hope we have curiously convinced you well enough to visit this gorgeous destination post- pandemic. With numerous memories to weave, this Vietnam Travel Guide is all you need to rock your much-awaited Vietnam tour.

Till then, stay safe!

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